Slignot and Thrack are a couple of geeks living in Salt Lake City.  Slignot is easily distracted, having lots of opinions on things which she shares sometimes without measuring the prudence of doing so; Thrack is quite certain that when the brain-mouth filter thing was supposed get installed, she went out to play with bugs instead.  She sometimes rambles on about weird legal issues that no one else cares about or understands.  It’s usually best to ignore her if she starts grumbling about eminent domain rather than asking for an explanation.

Thrack has a penchant for new gadgets and is often a multi-tasking gamer.  He is also on a quest to digitally encode all possible movies we’d ever care to own for easy access through MS Media Center.  He is therefore clearly insane.  Thrack is passionate about soda.  I have proof.

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