I Don’t Make Quiche

It took adulthood for me to realize that while I make something I grew up calling “quiche,” it doesn’t really fit the normal meaning.

For one thing, quiche has a crust like a pie and none of the ingredients include Bisquick, ordinary or homemade. For another, all quiche recipes call for a lot more milk than I seem to use. But more than anything else is the fact that the texture of quiche does not remotely resemble the light fluffiness I get from my usual what-leftovers-do-I-have egg dish.

My quiche's texture

Basically if quiche could be called egg pie, I think I make egg cake.  But it’s nummy and I figured I’d share.


  • Some Bisquick (purchased or homemade)
    • Homemade bisquick proportions are: 2 cups flour, 1 tablespoon baking powder, 1 teaspoon salt and 1/3 cup shortening. Obviously scale as needed.  I think I usually use a cup or so in a quiche, but it’s always a bit fuzzy
  • Things you want to bake with eggs; I usually like things like ham, mushrooms, broccoli, but really I’ve used all sorts of stuff
  • Cheese, if you want it
  • Around 1/2 cup of milk. I use 2%
  • Enough eggs that they look like enough volume to cover your ingredients in the baking dish.


Preheat your oven to 350° and make sure you grease your baking dish/pie plate with Pam or something. Put your filling items in the baking dish however looks tasty to you.

Then in a mixing bowl, combine eggs, milk and Bisquick.  Pour that over your vegetable/meat/cheese/fungus assortment.  Is it enough to cover? y/n

y: You’re golden.  Put it in the oven covered and check in 30 minutes. You can uncover it at some point so the top browns.  Pull it out when it’s not giggly in the middle anymore.

n: Do you have more eggs? If so, just combine those with a bit more milk and as you put it in the dish, jostle it about in hopes that it will combine consistently with the rest of your batter. For me, it’s usually a toss up because this is something I wake up wanting on the weekend when my last grocery shopping trip is a week behind me. So any time I remember to count how many eggs I have before I start making this is a major plus and I avoid the bleary, shamefaced trip to the corner market so I can finish cooking.

Anyway, eat it. It’s yummy.

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