Photographic Vignettes # 25

I guess this isn’t so much photographic as videographic.  Anyway, here is what part of our Saturday afternoon with our pets looked like.  We snuggled all our beasties on the bed.  The dogs played and Beaky was mostly just happy to be close, held and snuggled.

The dogs like biting me.  And you can tell by their growling, they’re terribly fearsome.

And they like biting each other’s faces while kicking us.

Beaky just likes us. Also, he doesn’t seem to understand about cameras and filming. Don’t approach and climb on the person trying to shoot, silly bird.  Toward the end, I get him to bob up and down, one of the first playful things he ever did with us.  He looks so boring and unplayful here, but I promise, when I’m not trying to film him, he is clownish and adorable.

All that playing makes Atrus sleepy.

Happy Eyes Closed Atrus

And just look at that tongue!

Beaky never seems to be happy unless he’s on top of one of us.

Beaky on Thrack, plus Thrack's hair

And like all parrots, he does this thing where he stops and stares at his feet in fascination.

Look at the feet, look at the feet, look at the feet

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