Blue Hair! And Purple!

A friend at my former employer was diagnosed with terminal cancer last year; I decided that since there was nothing I could do, I was going to donate my hair one it was long enough.

This much hair is bullshit

I hated it. My hair was way too damned long, longer than it had been in over a decade.

Last picture with long hair

At last, it's going!

I couldn’t wait until it was long enough to donate. Locks of Love asks for a minimum of ten inches, but thankfully Pantene Beautiful Lengths only asks for a minimum of eight inches. By the time I got laid off, I had nine inches to give. It felt amazing just getting the weight off my head. I felt like I could breathe and looked like myself again.

I'm me again!

Donated in Honor of Jan Ferguson, one of the most determined women I've ever known.

I decided to mark the gesture by doing something big and dramatic. I was unemployed and what the hell – I was going to dye my hair blue.


My mom agreed to help me do a fancy gradient effect from a lighter teal blue to a deep blue. I was exited and a bit nervous when I saw how intense the blue of the first coat looked on my head. And then when the dye finished, it came out much greener than either of us expected.

Wet dye

First Color Result

My mom “painted” on the deep blue, having fun with creative application. Then she made us both cocktails as we relaxed in the backyard.

"I'm painting!" she says.

Mom in the garden

Mmm, drinking

The result was really fun and dramatic. It was shocking but I liked it. It wasn’t so much that it was blue, but that it was dark. I’ve always been blond, so it’s still messing with my brain a bit.

First view of blue hair

Me and Mom

Me and Bonnie

I also bought nail polish to match my hair.

Shower Together polish

Unfortunately, the blue just didn’t want to stay. I touched it with the deep blue again, and it looked great at first. But it kept fading and didn’t take as well as I’d like. So after a couple weeks when my hair was looking a bit tired, I went purple.

Amazingly purple!

Hooray, purple!

It’s taken better than the blue and I like it.

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