Photographic Vignettes # 24

This weekend we went to my parents’ place for a summer BBQ.  My mom asked I put up a post about the cute critters, so enjoy.

First is the evidence of my newfound strategy of placating an anxious corgi mix with cabbage. Behold Atrus, official household Cabbagehead.

Atrus the Cabbagehead

I also have videos of the dogs playing the backyard.  Our dogs both have a very passive disposition, and so they have a tendency to let the older beagle win.  By the end of the day, they don’t even really try to take the ball away from Bonnie.

My parents recently clipped the wings of their pair of conures (one is a sun, the other a jenday) so it is safe to take them outside again with supervision.  Normally they’re pretty snugly, but they weren’t super interested in being held on Sunday.

They are terribly beautiful creatures (although I’m still partial to the colors of my bright green Beaky), and quite clownish.

Climbing Featherfaces

They also love certain kinds of meat.  (No idea what happened to this video; Thrack took this one and it is rotated sideways.)

Looking at how nicely my parents’ backyard has come together makes me wish we were further along fixing our yard up.  For example, we’ve had to kill off the grass in a large section of the yard because a previous owner buried impermeable plastic a few inches below the surface. We’re still digging it up.  The dogs don’t seem to mind, though.

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