Tolerance Is Not Respect. Tolerance Is Not Good Enough.

In honor of Pride Month wrapping up now, I want to again link to one of the most profound things I believe has ever been written on the subject of “tolerance.”

Too many conservatives or moderate religious people delude themselves into thinking that so long as they express their tolerance for those they think are sinful, so long as they don’t call for death or prosecution that they are being decent human beings.  That they deserve recognition or a cookie.  They don’t. Tolerance is fucking bullshit.

Tolerance is for someone who doesn’t know better, like my dog who likes to jump on people. Tolerance is for someone whose views negatively impact your life, like people who want to stop me from loving the man I love, with all my heart. I do not want your tolerance. I do not deserve your tolerance. I will not accept your tolerance, any longer. What I will do is my best to ensure that we are all given equality and the legal right to love and marry the person who loves us back. From now on I will tolerate nothing less.

No one deserves your tolerance.  Human beings deserve respect and equality under the law. If you think anything else, you have no moral foundation.  I’ve said before I’m proudly intolerant of intolerance.  But I’m intolerant of your “tolerance” too.

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