Red Pill Moments Are Everywhere

My spouse, Thrack, works in a state department centered around children which is largely interconnected with education.  Unsurprisingly, the people his office works with are predominantly women.  They recently held a weeklong training conference to get everyone up to speed on current regulations and the goodie bags included T-shirts.  Men’s T-shirts.  Did I mention that 95% of the attendees at this event were women?

But no one thought to print on women’s style shirts because men’s shirts are considered “unisex” even though that’s such a clear (though subtle) example of patriarchal assumptions that men are the norm and women are The Other.  And years ago, it would almost never have occurred to Thrack that this was even a problem.  Not because he’s a bad person or a bad feminist, but because privilege makes it easy not to see this sort of thing.  But he took the red pill a long time ago, and now sees bullshit for what it is.

Sinfest: The Sisterhood 7

I’m forever grateful for Sinfest for giving us this great analogy to explain the rigid enforcing system around us.

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