Crepes For Dinner

Crepe Filling

We’ve been terribly busy lately and blogging has suffered. I have a backlog of posts that are in progress that I simply haven’t had time to finish.  Part of what kept us busy was a dinner with Thrack’s parents on Sunday when he made his incredible chicken cacciatore.  It was so delicious and filling that we didn’t even prepare the crepes we’d planned.

Caramelizing Apples and Pecans in Brown Sugar

We’re eating them for dinner tonight.  There are two varieties: caramelized apples & pecans, and fresh strawberries.  I have these signature wine and fruit reduction syrups that go with each.  The white wine sauce was one I came up with in a dream; it’s made with pears and meyer’s lemons.  The red sauce I’ve been making for ages and is fresh squeezed oranges and a clamshell of raspberries.

Cooking a Crepe

We’re having dessert for dinner.  We’re responsible grownups. Shut up.

Strawberries and Cream

Growing Stack


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