It’s About Damn Time

The President of the United States has finally fucking evolved already and moved in line with his party, his base, the arc of history toward justice and the majority of United States citizens: President Obama finally supports marriage equality.

For 560 days we have been waiting for him to complete whatever philosophical “evolution” was necessary for him to arrive at the obvious fucking conclusion that civil legal marriage (along with the associated benefits and protections) should be open to all people regardless of who they love, and that this has nothing whatsoever to do with whatever some religious fucker thinks about sin and brimstone.

I suspect there is more political calculation involved in the decision than I would have liked, and the timing could have been better (read: a couple weeks earlier before this week’s frustrating setbacks in North Carolina and Colorado), but at least we can stop trying to justify supporting a candidate who is behind the times.  We no longer have to talk about choosing the least of two evils when conservative assholes point out that their bigotry surely can’t be actual bigotry because even our Democratic president doesn’t fully support LGBT rights.  We don’t have to wait any more.

This country is changing, and today at least, I feel confident that however slowly, it is changing for the better.


2 responses to “It’s About Damn Time”

  1. Xanthë says :

    By allowing it to be a states issue rather than something more universally applicable like human rights, Obama is tacitly permitting the Bible Belt states to remain islands of bigotry and repression, which cannot be good for LGBT people there. Otherwise it’s good for Obama to have come out (ha) in support, it’s way overdue, and in an election year it could be a smart move to provoke the more obnoxious GOP bigots to go mad about this; their reactions akin to ‘the gay agenda is ruining America, oh noez!’ would hopefully be fresh in people’s minds when it gets to November.

    (Now we downunder have to get our atheist prime minister to evolve her position likwise, to come out in support of what her party and the majority of Australians are in favour of…)

    • slignot says :

      I agree. It just isn’t good enough (hence the more in-depth post after this one). I might even be willing to forgive the state by state basis thing (he is a politician after all) if he had spoken against the DOMA and the discrimination being forced on legally married couples because of federal bullshit.

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