Photographic Vignettes # 20

I’ve been very fortunate in that as I was growing up, my mom’s flight benefits allowed us to be able to afford travel that would otherwise have been far beyond our reach financially.  When you’re paying for taxes on airfare, but not the actual ticket cost, renting a car and spending frugally makes traveling through Europe similar to traveling in the U.S.

Thrack has only gone on one trip with us (my ticket price for standby tickets is significantly higher as an adult, also, I’m poor), but it was a wonderful trip.  France is quite lovely itself, but the food was unbelievable.  We covered much more ground than we usually do on a trip of this type specifically because I feared it would not soon be repeated.

We generally try to avoid tourist traps, but in Carcassonne, we kind of broke this rule.  We stayed inside the fortified town itself and strolled the (relatively recently repaired) walls; it was like going back in time. 

View of Fortified City

Walking the Walls 1

Walking the Walls 2

Walking the Walls 3

Walking the Walls 4

Walking the Walls 5

Walking the Walls 6

Walking the Walls 7

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