Photographic Vignettes # 19

There is a little visited national monument at the corner of Utah’s boundaries that lies more or less due East from Mesa Verde called Hovenweep.  Unlike when you visit more accessible places like Natural Bridges, you are granted much greater quiet and solitude.  When we walked the rim of the Little Ruin Canyon (the most accessible of the five village ruins), we didn’t see another soul.

The ancient stone masons’ work, though no longer maintained and ruined, shows great skill, matching pitch and curve to fit the stones around them, and in the case of Boulder House, inside a giant eroded stone.

Stronghold House Wall in Foreground, Boulder House in Rear

Twin Towers

Boulder House

Thrack and Unit Type House

Unit Type House

Hovenweep Castle

End of box canyon and Square Tower

View from box canyon's end

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