Photographic Vignettes # 18

Even now, textbooks that talk about the West discuss it in very ethnocentric terms.  Native tribes, past and present, are generally given token handwaves, while the primary focus is on the exact dates and names of the white invaders.  Many other places in the United States are left with little trace of the tribes that used to call those areas home.  We have lots, even of ancestral puebloan peoples that left long before Europeans began their incursions here.

Intact Entrance

Excavated Kiva

For a long time, the people who lived here were mostly called Anasazi.  But that name doesn’t make a lot of of sense, as it is Navajo for “enemy ancestors.”  Some of their abandoned places are simply empty, while others show signs of being burned before the people left.  It’s still a great mystery why so many structures are abandoned.

Unprotected ruined walls

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