Nuke It From Orbit

It’s the only way to be sure.

Today I had an otherwise liberal dude in my office (who actually knows I’m an atheist) tell me that he doesn’t care if gay people have relationships, kids, whatever, but*

he think that they shouldn’t want any more rights than he has any “special rights.”

What planet do these fucking people come from?  How does any otherwise normal, happy person who claims to deliberately not judge others as long as they are happy/not hurting anyone come to this sort of bullshit?  No matter how many times I read about people saying this or hear it from privileged assholes, I still can’t grok what exactly they imagine these “special rights” are.

For some, it’s clear that they don’t actually know any gay people and thus have this invented straw-gay that governs every stupid thing that comes out of their mouths.  For others, it seems more likely they actually do hate gay people, but are afraid of being really open about it, so they weasel about with claims of supporting equality but not some invented special consideration.  Or they waffle about with talk about how they should be allowed to force people into the closet to avoid discomfort, because their private just-how-I-feel beliefs trump others rights.

Days like today make me want to wipe out the entire state population as a way of wiping out this kind of bullshit.

*You can always tell you’re about to get hit in the face with some massive bigoted fuckery when a sentence starts this way.  There is always a “but…[insert stupid bullshit here].”


One response to “Nuke It From Orbit”

  1. jonolan says :

    Why don’t you just ask them what they mean. Maybe it’s hate crimes crap; maybe it’s that they can almost always get out of getting fired by claiming homophobia; maybe it’s something else.

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