We Have a New Dog

So Saturday after filling a prescription for Thrack’s anti-biotics (and before my cousin’s bridal shower), we went by the county animal shelter to look at a dog Thrack had seen described as a corgi/cattle dog mix.  We’d talked about getting another dog for at least a year, and thought it would be nice for Midna to have a companion while we are away from the house every day.

The plan was to meet him and introduce him to Midna if he seemed like he was likely to get along, but not take him home that day.  But after we met him and saw how the puppies interacted, that went out the window and we took him home.

So in place of the photographic vignette I might otherwise have done, I offer pictures of our newest puppy: Atrus.

Atrus Left

The two puppies play quite well and have very similar dispositions, which is great.

Atrus and Midna Playing

Midna has this thin but hard whipping tail she beats us all with.  Atrus is starting to preemptively close his eyes if he has to pass by it, obviously bracing himself to be smacked a few times as he moves.  It’s adorable.


Atrus Right

Pretty Puppy

He’s got just beautiful markings and is fluffy soft, but it does seem like his head is a bit small for his body.

Tiny Head

I expected to contend with some jealousy in bringing a new dog into the house, but it’s been better than I feared.  Midna is not even pouting as much as she does after dogsitting for my parents for a few days, and she and my mom’s dog are great friends.  It may take a couple weeks for her to accept that Atrus isn’t simply overdue for going home, and that it’s good that he’s here, but I’m sure it won’t take long.

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