Photographic Vignettes # 7

There are lots of amazing things about travel, particularly in a country like France which is varied and frankly has incredible dining options for any budget.  While not everyone likes to travel the way I do, seeking out of the way places not in a guidebook (for example, our stop at the mill ruins of Barbegal) it can be incredibly fun.

The structure below is one I decided to find on our trip in 2005, remember an article I read on dolmens and menhirs in France.  It took a very good road atlas to have a chance, but I was able to find at least one and I’m deeply satisfied about it.

This is so old that it kind of breaks my brain that it was just sitting there in the woods without much to note its significance at all: a small trail, a bench.

Dolmen in the woods

slignot for scale

Dolmen in the woods

My father is a ham

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