Photographic Vignettes # 6

Not all the West looks like a parched desert.  Here are some photographs from an anniversary trip we took to Jackson Hole in 2004.

Resort in Jackson

We did some pretty basic touristy stuff there, like riding with a guide.  Our horses didn’t hate each other, but weren’t especially happy to hang out side by side.  Mine is trying to walk out of frame here.

Went Riding

I persuaded Thrack to take his first river rafting trip with me.  The waster was cold enough that they recommended wetsuits (which was a good idea).  I’ve gone on trips where the weather and water are warm enough that occasional dips in the water are nice and refreshing.  That was not the case on this one.

In Wetsuits for Rafting

Pasture and Mountains

Since it’s a big vacation spot, there is no shortage of nice places to eat.  I was rather shocked at brunch to find a spot that juices citrus fresh each morning in cold, landlocked Wyoming.

Shadowed Red Umbrellas

Thrack at Brunch

slignot at Brunch

Also, I expect this is the most antlers I will ever see in one place.

ALL the Antlers

Stylized Bison

Scenic Jackson

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