I Want A Freeze Ray

I’ve never been terribly good at filtering out public conversations by others, and on days where my mind is especially floaty or fuzzy, I can find it almost impossible to ignore assholes saying stupid shit in public.  Today was of the latter kind, and I found myself fantasizing as I often do about being able to punish people by shooting them in the face with a freeze gun (think ice beam rather than time-pausing device).

What was that you said about women “exercising their power” by “withholding” sex from a partner?  Ha! Now your face is encased in ice.

You think that Darwin’s theories encompassed what? Now you can’t cause pain to others by spouting off ignorant, not-even-wrong bullshit.

I imagine myself gleefully blowing vapor from the tip of my weapon and asking if anyone else has something stupid to say.  Guys, I think if I was smart enough and had the materials, I might just be a supervillian.  I don’t have the patience to be a hero and save assholes while ignoring the bullshit they spew without thought.  I could be a slightly less paranoid Reducto, but instead of making people travel sized, I would just immobilize them with ice so I don’t have to listen to hateful crap.

One response to “I Want A Freeze Ray”

  1. janeyqdoe says :

    Yes. Because sex is totes my weapon of choice. Especially when I’m in a loving relationship. Also. Women can’t enjoy sex. Durrrhhhh.

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