Child Logic and Marriage

Over Christmas, we had to juggle family events over a couple weeks, and it can be a little exhausting.  (But it’s good to see family, so I’m not tempted to take Thrack up on his suggestion to simply climb into bed and wait for Christmas to be over.)  But on Christmas Eve, my cousin’s six?-year-old daughter asked me a question that left me totally flabbergasted:

Why didn’t you marry Jeff instead of Thrack?  He’s funny and nice.

For a moment, I had no idea how the hell to answer.  How do you explain falling in love with a friend to a kid?  (For context, Jeff married my cousin Sarah, and their daughter is 20 months old now.  In contrast, we’re older and child free.  Also, Thrack  can be quite quiet at my family’s events.)

I think I said something about loving my curmudgeonly husband even though he was quiet, but I can’t remember precisely how I answered.  But there’s something kind of funny about how a child looks at relationships.  Rather than focusing on romance or love, she focused on what seemed tangible: who would play with her.  Jeff will play with her and so do I (among others).  Thrack on the other hand, wants to deal with grownups and drink his whiskey in peace.

Kids are awesome, but I’m not so sure I’m equipped to deal with one.

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