Lost in My Head

If you follow me on Twitter, you’ll already be aware that my body has recently been trying to reject my skin.  (Being maybe 60% serious here.)  I’ve never had an allergic reaction like this and it has been ongoing for 6 days now.  I’ve had generalized itchiness and hives over basically my entire body and even the smallest scratching would raise the skin up in to red streaks of painful welts.  I didn’t want to have anything or anyone touch me, and even the weight of my own hair on my shoulders was excruciating.

Thankfully on Friday I was able to get in to see a doctor, who gave me a bucketful of good steroids and a jar of steroid cream to apply topically as needed.

It’s finally headed in a positive direction, but I feel like I’m having a bit of relapse today, and I’m really struggling to function, think and interact with other people in a way that makes sense.  Heavy medication is absolutely necessary here to keep me from wanting to remove my skin in strips, but I just don’t feel like myself or even terribly competent in communicating at work.

I was horrified to realize today that Thanksgiving is this week.  As in a handful of days away, and that just can’t be possible.  It feels way too early because I feel like I lost so much time with the early benedryl filled stupor that it just can’t be this late in the month already.  So now I’m thinking about our contributions to Thanksgiving dinner and where to get the freshest and most flavorful pumpkins (oh, I have a blogpost in the brain-hopper about never ever using canned pumpkin again) because apparently it’s a holiday weekend I didn’t even notice.

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