Past Tense Makes My Brain Scream

Today I had a conversation that made my want to break things in exasperation.

It began with someone wanting a cookie for being a more reasonable version of a conservative in the U.S.  He explained that Michelle Bachmann’s ability to win in Iowa and exist as a major candidate typifies everything that’s wrong with where conservative politics are headed.  (For the record, he also thinks the Paul Ryan “budget” was ridiculous too, but it’s less important to this rant.)

What followed was “agreement” without any substantial agreement.  I agree that Ms. Bachmann’s success (among others) is indicative of a fundamental problem in politics and government administration, but I can’t agree with this coworker that the problem is that we need politicians that are just a little less religious than she is.  While we think it’s crazy that she’s a creationist who believes the earth only thousands of years old and that evolution is a crazy evil lie, that doesn’t mean that I agree with you, either.

I think you’re just as wrong as she is when you say that your god created the world is six ages (“days”) and that evolution happened but was guided; if changes were guided, then you wouldn’t see stupid or flawed design in species, which exist all over the damned place.  You think evolution happened, as in past tense? That’s just as nuts as what Bachmann thinks, because it means you don’t understand what the hell evolution is any more than she does.

Evolution is the current ongoing change in species through countless generations and is both fact and theory.  The fact is the reality that evolution has happened and is happening.  The scientific theory portion (think of the level of clear reality behind cell theory or germ theory, kids) only comes into play when discussing the actual mechanisms by which speciation and change occur.

So no, evolution didn’t “happen” at some distant point in the past to make the current range of life on this planet.  It’s happening now and won’t stop until this ball is dead and lifeless in the distant future.

P.S. If your main complaint with the republican party is candidates like Michelle Bachmann, then “the unions” are not to blame for everything going wrong.  This may come as a shock to you, but unions are generally a liberalizing force.

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