Not Much of An Inducement

The rationale generally given for large investment in public transit options is that it allows people an option that produces less pollution, is more affordable and allows you the ability to not have to focus on driving.  The two big things that tend to affect adoption are convenience and price.  Now locally, TRAX has been making some nice strides in becoming more accessible and convenient to more far flung areas.  So a decent effort on that front.  But price?  They’re bombing bigtime.

Thrack and I were actually very excited about the idea of the TRAX line opening up right near our house, thinking how nice it would be to choose to read a book or simply not have to deal with drivers during the commute into town every day.  We started seeing trains on the lines during tests and rejoiced.  Then as we got closer to public opening of the lines, we priced passes.  All excitement dead.  Extinguished.  Stomped into the ground.

We spend less on gas money than even the most affordable passes.  I have no intention to give up flexibility, freedom, reliability and convenience in exchange for the privilege of paying more money.  Particularly when public funds I pay into as a taxpayer and landowner subsidize the transportation system itself.

So thank you, UTA, for driving me away from public transit.

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