Be Very Afraid

Let’s get right down to it: birds are weird.

My little parrot has a frequent tendency to study an object that has never moved to ensure that it is safe and the item means him no harm.  He often does this with things above him: light fixtures, smoke detectors, vents, hooks in the ceiling, etc.  I don’t really think anything of it when I see him doing it anymore, because it’s just something he does, and makes sense for a prey species.

This morning I took him outside with me as I did a few things in the cool morning weather in the yard.  But this morning, there was something to be very concerned about.  The moon.  There is a partial moon overhead this morning and Beaks was very seriously concerned that it might be out to get him.  So he studied it very carefully multiple times to make sure it wasn’t up to some nefarious purpose.

One response to “Be Very Afraid”

  1. Star says :

    Okay, that’s hilarious. My cats may leave dead mice and various reptiles for show and tell but at least they aren’t scared of the moon and other inanimate objects! 🙂

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