Stupid, Lazy Thieves

As I was leaving work yesterday, I discovered that some asshole had decided that my run of the mill CD player was worth breaking into and damaging my car for the pittance they’d receive from a pawn shop.  At some time between Friday evening and Monday when I left work, someone broke out the rear driver’s side corner window, opened the passenger door and ripped things out of the way so they could get $20 from a pawn shop.  Thanks, fuckers.

Here’s what I don’t understand.  I don’t keep much of value in my car and the basic Pioneer stereo isn’t going to give them much cash.  My office parking lot, however, has much more expensive vehicles.  So does the condominium parking below the level I was on.  I guarantee you could get more money stealing rims off of those cars than you could from looking for car audio equipment.  So basically my car was broken into by stupid assholes.

So dear car burglar: die in a fucking fire.  Also, you’re just stupid on top of everything else.


One response to “Stupid, Lazy Thieves”

  1. monado says :

    Well, that’s shitty. Parasites!

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