A Truly Radical Idea

Every so often I look at angry reactionaries fighting against what I see as positive change and progress and take a step back at look at them as the fascinating* but limited people that they are.

Whether we’re talking about equal rights and opportunities for women, or disabled people, or LGBT individuals, or ethnic minorities, or kinksters, or atheists or, or, or…

it all boils down to the base difference of understanding that all people are people, and therefore worthy of respect and equal chances and opportunities within a just society.

So when I see people fighting tooth and nail against changes in discriminatory laws, or regulations to avoid subtler social harms, I can’t help but feel pity.  Because a person who is so intensely focused that they can’t see other perspectives beyond their own experiential lens can never grow or change or truly learn anything profound.  Advocates like us can try to reach them to help them see differences and injustices they may never have to personally experience.  But I sometimes fear that all such efforts are fruitless without a basic desire to recognize the value in those they criticize.

*I do find anthropology fascinating, even when studying people who are crazy or demonstrably wrong.

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