Nothing Quite So Pathetic

As a sick pet.  Last night was the first time that Midna’s ever been sick.  (More than the occasional burpy upset stomach that comes from eating too fast, anyway.) There’s something distinctly sad about the way a dog will look up at you, trembling, with sad eyes that want you to either make it better or let them go outside and gorge on grass.  She paced and gagged and vomited in little fits and starts; it was pitiable and gross.  Thankfully she’s not a dog that wants to reingest it, which is a mercy, I suppose.  But it took her at least an hour to finish emptying her stomach little bits at a time, as she shivered and paced in between.

We’re thinking a treat she ate yesterday didn’t sit well for whatever reason.  She’s fine this morning, but she also hasn’t eaten breakfast yet.



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