In Which I Admit to a Crush

I think I have a crush on MSNBC journalist Rachel Maddow.  Her show is the only MSNBC content we watch, and we watch it in clips via streaming video.  We don’t have cable, because honestly, we really don’t watch enough cable content to justify the cost, and we were not impressed with Comcast when we had internet/cable through them.  But thankfully, there’s a marvelous plug-in for Windows Media center called “Internet TV” that gives us the ability to watch a small (but nice) slice of television content, including the Rachel Maddow Show.

She’s smart, geeky, and funny.  Ms. Maddow also is very conscientious about getting her facts right, despite claims that MSNBC is nothing more than the liberal version of Fox News.  (And I’m sorry to any Fox News viewers, but from what I’ve seen, this is an entirely false claim.  Fox News cable content is extraordinarily poor as a source of factual news.  Rachel Maddow goes out of her way to ensure that she researches properly, allows guests to correct or amend her representations, and put out corrections when warranted.)

She’s recently done a great deal of coverage on the disturbing anti-democratic moves made in Michigan.  It’s insanity, and makes me glad that my horrifyingly red state is not quite this batshit crazy.  Friday’s coverage is no exception.  (I was planning on embedding the video, but WordPress wasn’t cooperating.)



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