Random Updates on Stuff

Beaky, our Nanday conure is being unusually weird lately.  Every so often he goes through a phase where he wants attention, wants people to be with him, but absolutely refuses to come out of his cage when you open the door.  He will get puffy (in an enticing, not threatened way) and climb up near or into his pouch, as if he wants us to join him.  Now, it could be a hormonal mating-thing (although he does it with both Thrack and me), but it seems pretty early in the year for the it’s-spring-time-for-sexy-nesting stuff.  It seems sometimes that figuring out what the hell your parrot wants is impossible, since he gives one clue, and then completely changes his behavior when you give him what it seems he’s after.  He’s also been more prone to screaming for attention lately, which itself makes you want to take your normally loving, endearing companion critter and drown him.  Of course, when he does come out, he’s as busy, inquisitive and stubborn as ever.  As you can see, getting on the coffee table is the best thing to ever happen because there’s all this stuff to play with.  He’ll climb around and touch, move, push, pick up and bite various objects, then (in true parrot fashion) bend over to stare at his feet for 20 seconds as if they’re fucking magical.

Oh, and a quick note on the pouch I mentioned.  We use the medium size of Multipet’s “Happy Hut” in green).  It’s one of the first things we got when we first got Beaks because lots of bird guides advise when selecting/setting up a cage that you make sure a bird has a place that feels especially safe (the same reason you should steer clear of cylindrical cages or putting a cage against a window all the time).  It’s proven to be a very, very good product as it’s safe, soft and allows him a way to stay warm in chilly weather if a room gets drafty.  He’s gone through a few over the years (he gnaws on them a little at a time).  He also has a tendency to pet and rub the fluffy edge while inside it, then viciously bite at the edges without warning.  Birds are weird.  The one he currently has in his cage has a small hole directly in the middle where you can feel the cardboard bottom; I’ll probably replace it in a few months, but for now, it’s doesn’t have any snags or threads his feet could catch on, so I leave it alone.

So one of the teas I bought the other day is one I’ve completely fallen in love with.  The Republic “All Day Breakfast” is fantastic; it’s oolong based, unusual for a breakfast tea and I love it.  Unfortunately, it’s one of their limited edition runs and so it will be gone before long.  I’m sad.

I’ve also realized that our current count of encoded movies/series (right hand bar) is now out of date.  I may work on a running inventory page later.



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