Delicious Tea

Since I had taken my old Zarafina tea maker to work, I found that the three teas I had at work were running decidedly low.  Add to that the fact that my new, wonderful Breville teapot has one important drawback: teabags.  The Zarafina device has a setting for loose or bagged tea in the infusion basket, so you can make wonderful tea with either.  The Breville tea maker does not have this setting and it really doesn’t seem to deal well with putting bagged teas in the infusion basket.  I have the same tea product in both bags and loose (usually gifts from others who don’t look to carefully at the tin), and the bagged tea is ground fine enough that I can’t tear open the bags and put the contents in the basket.  (It falls through into the water).

So I reshuffled some of my favorite teas that were in bags, and bought a bunch more.  I think I may be a little obsessed.

Work set of teas:


My home collection includes the Republic Chai and Mango Ceylon teas above as well as:

I actually have a bunch more teas that are less fancy in bags as well at home.  I… think I have a problem.


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