Mom’s Dog is NO LONGER Missing


Not sure if anyone reads this blog who does not already follow me on Twitter, but I’m willing to try anything at this point.

Earlier tonight, houseguests of my parents left their gate open and the beagle got out when they went to dinner.

She is a rescue with some separation anxiety, so we figure she went looking for my mom. My parents have split up to search, and Thrack & I looked with our dog. We hoped Bonnie might catch a whiff of our puppy (she is a scent hound, after all) while we walked the streets looking.

We have had no luck, and I’m hoping someone picked her up, as cold as it is tonight. We won’t be able to contact animal services until Monday.

She started from 900 South & 1100 East in Salt Lake, but we have no idea what direction she went in. Please keep your eyes open. I’m using the hashtag #lostdogslc on Twitter.

Update: I’m a little late in getting this changed, but as of yesterday evening, Bonnie is found and home. Like I had suspected, someone saw her loose and took her in for the night. She’s such a friendly dog, and is likely to jump into anyone’s arms or lap regardless of whether she knew them or not.



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