Do We Ever Really Grow Up?

This weekend, Thrack and I went to the birthday celebration of a friend at MacCool’s public house. Among those attending were old friends from high school.

While all of the people I’ve known for so long change life status, and jobs (hopefully getting a little wiser along the way) it seems to me that none of us essentially change who we are. It makes me wonder if I grew up with an unrealistic idea of how lives progress; that once you passed life milestones x, y and z, you were different, suddenly an adult with a totally changed grasp of what-the-hell-you’re-doing.

My birthday is coming up soon, and that’s certainly part of where this is coming from, but I feel little different than I did as an adolescent & young adult.  While I’m occasionally frustrated with my progress on certain life goals, I’m very happy with others.  I don’t identify with many expectations others are starting to have of us (we certainly have no interest in starting a family soon).

I think no matter what happens, you stay who you always were.  And thinking about friends running around Dan’s (one shouting the other was trying to steal his purse), that is a very good thing.

Thrack and I also finished watching Bond films through the end of Roger Moore’s tenure this weekend.  The only thing to say is there is little to recommend 1980’s Bond.



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