This Morning Was Embarrassing

I have been driving for ten years now; this morning I had my first slide-off. Well, maybe that’s not quite the right word, since I didn’t so much slide off the road as deliberately drove off it. Is there a term for that?

While driving in the exit lane to head East, some asshole cut off the driver in front of me. My ABS was making the car jerk as I slid inexorably & I could tell I was not going to be able to avoid hitting the SUV without swerving. So I did. And got well and firmly stuck for my trouble.

Thankfully, a Highway Patrol officer saw me and stopped (he was primarily a desk guy who saw me on his way to a meeting).  As I got out of my car, I inadvertently locked the door, with the car still running (genius move). I was mortified, but the sergeant was nice, and tracked down the closest person with a slim-jim.

While we waited, he told me he wasn’t even on patrol, having primarily a desk-job, but had seen me on the way to a meeting.  He stopped to make sure I was okay and decided to stay until I was able to get out.  The incident management driver was able to unlock my door (*sigh*) and drag me out of the mess of snow and ice off the side of the highway.

This was my first actually scary winter driving incident, and it ended with the best possible outcome because of the prompt action of a highway safety employee.  I was so impressed with the sergeant going beyond the normal call of duty (stopping rather than calling in my location and making his ten o’clock meeting), that I wrote a letter of appreciation to his supervisor.  I figure that most of these guys almost never get credit for the good they do.



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