I think I’m a Tea Snob

This afternoon at work, a coworker asked me to help her make it through the day.  Offered her a cup of tea (starting with a nice jasmine since she’s a practicing Mormon), which she seemed to think was a good idea, but she complained that none of my teas “smelled very good.”  She then told me that there was some sort of (cheap not-tea, damnit!) herbal cinnamon something-or-other up by her desk on the other side of building and that a cup of that sounded good.

My teas are always good, loose leaf wonderfulness and to have them rejected in favor of a god-knows-what generic grocery store tea bag annoyed me to no end.  So tell me, am I an elistist?

Update: A friend has informed me that I am not an elitist; like Herbert von Karajan, I’m a super-elitist.

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